Amazonian Womens Collective

The Devils sputum
Lying under rainforests
Black oil crude
In Equador the rainforests
Where Moreno and his brood
Want to start a drilling
Destruction guaranteed
And the AMazonin Womens Collective
Are working to succeed

The jungles there
Are green and full of life
And energy
A huge abundance of animals
And birds
A constancy
Remarkable our very evolution
Needs to feel
The need from pristine forestry
And thus we must reveal

To Moreno and his henchmen
And the oil industry
They are out to destroy the lands
And the people who are free
The Indigenous peoples understand
They are close to the earth
Respect is their middle name
They realise its worth

Its sputum of the evil gods
Its never the black gold
How The oil men like to call it
On profit they are sold
Destruction of the air we breathe
The land we serve they know
What god gives us we must appreciate
For what does grow

Around us is our heritage
Its gifted long ago
Each family lives within its means
And the trees and plants that grow
Protect us from the pollution
From the climate changing sin
Fossil fuels are filthy
And none of us can win

The forest are the nations lungs
Tangible are they
Remember Chevron long ago
Destroyed and ran away
They ruined so much forest
We must cherish long
And hard the peoples knowledge
For drilling oil is wrong

As the women are the nurturers
Catalysts for life
Bearing our new generations
Now taking on the strife
Of these great oil barons
And their dirty stories who
Come into our pristine world
And nothing they say is true

The air we breathe
The water we drink
The land thats serves us well
Drilling down into its depths
And bringing out of hell
Pollutive hydrocarbons
To make our children cry
Mothers of the forest
We do have to ask why

Oil is seen as important
And the living forest can
Be ruined by the machinery
And the arrogant man
Who thinks nothing of future needs
Only the balance sheet
Taking the rich humus
From uder our childrens feet

The women have had death threats
Houses burned down, they
Have had rocks thrown out at them
They are trying to save the day
Protect our wondrous forests
And clean and wholesome streams
All the animals life around
Which make up all our dreams

The trees the plants the medicines
The oxygenated air
The excellence prevailing
This oil is never fair
Industrial persuasion
Its riches are not enough
We have to protect our environment
For lives are really tough

The Indigenous are the guardians
They show great love and care
Its not money or profit
Its only being aware
And fair to all and sundry
The shared space afterall
It belongs to our children
And we must heed their call

The integrity of forests
A oneness afterall
All the holistic life forces
We have to overhaul
The need for corporations
To ruin and to spoil
To cast darkly dispertions
And to do it just for oil

100 wells they are wanting
Imagine what that will do
We have to think ancestrally
And realise whats true
The Indigenous have always been
Our mentors from before
And to ride roughshod over all they say
And basically ignore

Them and let the oil men
Rupture and divide
Bring their rough machinations
Really if we side
With them against the natural world
It makes no sense at all
We have to protect the forests
And our whereforall

As governments the science
The future does concern
Protection of the planet
We cannot let it turn
Into, a vast dead zone
With pollution in the air
With watercourses ruined
We have to be aware

Oil is dirty filthy dirty
And drilling guarantees
An end to oxygen and clean water
We must please
Ourselves now not the oil magnates
Who ruin and destroy
We just must send them packing
And retain the natural joy.

PAtricia Gualinga
NEma Grefa
SAlome ARande
MArgoth Escobar
And all the women of the Amazonian Womens Collective.

Equadorian rainforests are our future
Oil is not

Climate change air quality
Water quality
Makes sense
Listen to the women they are the nurturers
Of the planet

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