All around its tense which makes no sense

Its meaningless its inanity
Its nonsensical depravity
We are baulked and thwarted
At every turn
Amazed and dumbfounded by what we learn
A nebulous outcome
Where vile intent
Becomes unutterable
Its was never meant
But sadly its happened
The KINGS are dying
As the jungles are cleared
So many are lying

Making a killing
Blood on their hands
Abusive behaviour
Plenty of fans
Amongst the ignorant
Who Misunderstand
The truth is concealed
Its all underhand

Its done surreptitiously
Up front poker-faced
Its not conservation
The route’s not been cased
No one’s confessing
Why is it betrayal
Its a business for goodness sake
Why make it fail

Lions are the kings
A rose tinted breed
Farm them like chickens
Watch profits exceed
All expectations
Money for old rope
Target the hunters
The slippery slope

It Becomes possible
Perversion and bunkum
Breed them create numbers
Flog them on line
Attract the hunters
And we can all dine,

On the spoils on the lies
Talk up conservation
The world woll agree
Petting farms matter
Habituated to humans
Is how it must be

Exaggerate ease
Think everything through
The meet at the airport
Whatever they do
The hunt and the trophy
The taxidermy
Its about the experience
That is the key

Dont call it canned hunting
We experts can make
The difference we live here
We can share our cake
With foreigners coming
We can raise the game
Whatever animal
Its all the same

They get a guarantee
Whatever they pay
With a massive black mane
On the very first day
Everythings possible
They go away
With photo’s and video’s
And trophies that say

They shot big game
They took them on
They came and they conquered
And now they are gone
It was all conservation
Overembellished and wrong
A bloody great caricature of the truth
Nothing they did would belong

In any sense to conservation
It was greed it was insanity
It was killing the lions
All captive lions
The height of depravity
Abuse of a species
Patsies really if they only knew
Sanctimonious nonsense
made to look dumb
Whilst feeling a part of the crew

Canned bunting really is
Bringing them down
To a level of faking abroad
The perversion is widespread
Its playacting nonsense
In effect there just is no reward
Everyones fiddled everyones cheated
And each dies a death by his sword

SOuth Africa suffers the fall out
On the world stage people know
The iconic animals are being butchered
Farmed like the cows they let grow
And those at it are making money
The wild one’s are stripped down to size
At present some 6000 lions are now captive
Holed up in cages their prize

Basically manipulated a species no longer
The king
Shot for their parts all with broken hearts
Over bred for what it does bring
Bank accounts full more’s the pity
The wild one’s there are less to be found
Bones off to China for the TCM crowd
Constantly reaching high ground

Remember the COOK report back when
Exposure it showed to the world
What farmers were doing on their way to ruin
Into a crime scene they hurled
Predator breeding a lucrative pastime
Intimidation all round
Vast swathes of fenced off enclosures
Thats where the Lions are all found

Blood on their hand gore everywhere
Cheating and stealing and more
Sadness and anguish and complete desolation
And all of it outside the law
Providing a terrible footprint
Creation itself now in hock
Sadly the unhearing and far from endearing
Will soon feel the ultimate shock

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