Alban Hegin

The light of the shore
Lets try to explore
The earth and the sea and the sky
Its where so much happens
The glory and power
The solar god crowned by the goddess
And how
From that moment on the suns
Strength declines
Thats until ALBan ARTHAN
When the Holly King signs
His oath and his strength
And his glorious reign
Midsummer hopefully
cometh again

I speak of the Raven
The messenger sho
Works the two worlds
And is why its true
At Danebury in Hampshire
In some ancient pits
Bodies of Ravens
Where prophecy sits

So divination apparently so
In the heart of Brans kingdom
They fostered the flow
The Tower of London
The white Mount and hall
GOd King Bran,the Blessed
Meant Raven
And all
His head be removed
And buried near
The white mount
Facing over to France
Close to here
For the added protection
Which symbolized chance

The Tower of London
Was built on the site
Of the white mount
It just had felt right
In the presence of Ravens
And still till today
London is safe
Unless they fly away

Thats why they clip their wings
As a guarantee
That they can’t fly awaY
And always will be
Fulfilling Brans prophecy
So as to ensure
Safety of the realm
Yes forever more

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