A zoo in Krasnodar UKRAINE

Wrongness you can feel it
One glance and you can see
Unfitting and improper
Wrongheadedness personified
Callous heartless they
2 Orangutans together
In this prison everyday.

It is a glass enclosure
And uncomfortable it be
They are clearly bored
To tears
They just want to be free
To climb into the canopy
To taste fresh durian and
To breathe the wondrous forest air
But can you understand

The cruelty existing
In this your so called Zoo
You are in fact an anathema
Your rancour it peers through
You are disobligingly bloody-minded
Pitiless you be
Stony hearted clearly
Just pure dishonesty

These animals are very sad
Their great big eyes are sore
Their hearts are clearly aching
Which all of you ignore
Look at the way they hold their bodies
It’s relentless what you do
Treat them just as prisoners
Who the hell are you

To be now so unfeeling
What did they do to you
They were of a forest in a paradise
It’s true
And you exchanged those memories
With this Hell hole in Ukraine
They want fraternal feelings
Their long hours spent in vain

Playing with a blade of grass
Just outside their cage
Stretching just to touch it
That is off the page
They are intelligent beings
Unlike you lot and they
Really need some sympathy
It’s free try some today

Their breathing it is laboured
A glass box will not do
They are feeling grumpy
Look at them, they do
Sweat there in that enclosure
And it’s filthy dirty too
It’s just exasperating
And you call yourselves a ZOO

To me looking around the place
With the plasterwork outside
Lots of human figures
Somebody has lied
The wild ones need the love, they do
The duty of care
Not painting plastic images
Being actually fair

Orangutan’s are climbers
Arboreal they be
Nesting in the tops of trees
Climbing constantly
And They have imagination
And create a great deal too
And stifling them in a glass box
Is not what you should do

Your irreverence is obvious
Your unconcern is too
Your lack of zeal and interest
I don’t need a clue
Enough I have seen Already
In a prison cell they be
Bored out of their lovely minds
With the monotony

Nothing to amuse them
Doldrums apparently
All that is on offer
And the food it cannot be
No wonder they are whimpering
On the verge of tears
These are beautiful animals
Locked up all these years

Safari Park

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