A caring philosophy ”TREELIFE”

The simplicity of Learning
That caring is a way
Of exploring and understanding
And trying to convey
How the being or an entity
A creation on the whole
Extant and surviving
A truly awesome soul
Phenomenally physical
Full of substance full of power
A living breathing masterpiece
Creating every hour
Beneficial organisms
And oxygen that we
exchange for our CO2
Such essentiality
Of purpose in our being
I met a man today
TIM who came from “TREE LIFE”
And what he did say
An arborist
As thoughtful, as the day is long
Sensitive with a freshness
That surely does belong
Anywhere where trees are
Where forests clothe our world
Incomparable in so many ways
Where charlatans are hurled
Often with their posted cards
Who just happen to be
Butchering some tree close by
And for you they now agree

To do a special job a special price
But sadly they
don’t even know
What tree it is
It happens every day

Now TreeLIFE they are different
A moral philosophy
What is right and what is wrong
About caring for each tree

Every cut is a wounding
Every leaf that’s lost
It’s photo synthetic potential
Comes at a high cost
Surgeons cut, carers care
We need more carers everywhere
Just listening to Tim
His background and his thought
What is least invasive
He just isn’t caught
Up in the making money
He cares for every tree
He wants to see it bountiful
As it ought to be

Really such a freshness
A genuineness as well
You can just feel his connection
His holism does tell
Landscape ecosystems
Phyto pathology
Preventing and diagnosing
Each individual tree

His whole team’s
In every aspect, they
Put trees first and safely
Well schooled at work
Each day

To an ethic reflective
Absorbed in all they do
Experienced and conscious
Mindful really who
Is as sage like in their thinking
The vast majority
Just do not have the mindset
Or the predictive quality


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