“If only I could save them all”

How many of us do feel trapped
By life, by disability
Looking at the animals
Youthful infants
Who should be
Joyful in their new lives
Bouncing with such hope
Instead there is no comfort
When they are hanging from our rope

Freedom we deny them that
Rape and kidnap, we
Make that a pre requisite
It’s how we run dairy
Watch the little piglets
Struggle wanting a
Forest where they can just root
And scramble

See the calves lost in a vacuum
Chained up sold for veal
Or ready to be ripped apart
For the rennet that is real
All that cheese and junket
And extra milk dessert
We don’t care a monkeys
How bad it does hurt

A child may kiss a piglet
A calf might run and run
Gestation crates mean murder
We never feel the sun
On our backs no never
And it’s all down to you
drinking milk and eating flesh
And wearing leather YOU

Probably are sleeping now
In your downy bed
Feathers in your pillows
Yes you have been lead
Down the bloody garden path
Whilst all of us we cry
We ache from all the beatings
And before too long

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