Women and killing wild animals

There appears a force of argument
That women have a right
To compete out there with the men
People have lost sight
Of the sexes I believe
The rationality
The mother and the carer
Charged with femininity

The male the so called bread winner
Aggressive so to say
Both extremes of argument
And both in fact portray
Facets only facets
By deduction we can see
Sound arguments for both
Schools of thought
It seems to me

Each to their own
homogenization NO
Mixing up the qualities
Playing with the flow
To me is a false reasoning
Sophistry in fact
It’s neither one or the other
That’s how I react

Foolishness is commonplace
Males and females they
Both can fit together
In this category and pay
Contrary to reason
With each sex following each
Untenable and unfounded
And I think out of reach

It’s not whoever’s stronger
It’s all done by degrees
Believing and persuadable
The similiarities
Each has their own quality
And on quality we must
Emphasise the positives
And quantify the just

Hunting killing maiming
mothers should’t Be
Coming face to face with death
And causing it, the plea
From all creation is nurture
And, truly believe
Caring is convincing
Its what does achieve

Women dressing up as males
In camouflage and more
Stalking living animal tribes
Mothers too for sure
And murdering them for trophies
It’s never the female thing
And descending into maleness
Where the queen believes she’s king

It’s credulousness personified
It’s unworldly to suggest
Wallowing in testosterone
It cannot be seen as blessed
By any goddess anywhere
To me it’s losing sight
It’s copying the male germ
Believing it is right

It’s patriarchal madness
It is the unsound mind
The cranky queer and craziness
That I don’t want to find
Ever women having
Or describing themselves to be
It’s matriarchal miracles
That are the certainty

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