The murder house in Alberta

A spitefulness beyond the heart
Ill-disposed and from the start
Disloyal to every wild soul who
Ever walked the forest through
The unforgiving gloating male
Behind his gun his laurels sail
His courage lifts his manhood to
A space beyond the clouds where few
Human beings want to be
Like his bullets flying free
Catching the wild wolf painfully
Callous cold-hearted villainy

ALberta’s wolves match those who see
A sparkling eye and fleetingly
Show their fangs and howl aloft
Commiserating and who oft
Philosophise and do explain
The beautY of the falling rain
The river edge the trickling stone
The rushes dance and he alone
The wondrous fellow comes to drink
His vast expressions are a link

Tween sentient souls and limitless prey
Who stalk the weak and while away
An eventide a choral song
Who on a moon lit night belong
To no man really except the one
With a telescopic high powered gun
A highwayman whose sick technique
Whose spivvery few angel seek

He waits he kills and many fall
They leave their families one and all
Tears a plenty fill the den
The biosphere is asking when
Man so small so traitorously
Can rise into their space and be
Pitiless and beartless too
Have no compassion in what they do
Its just for kicks to see them die
And know the cubs are forced to cry

Strip the victim of their grace
Poke the rifle in their face
Disembowel them blood and all
Unjustifiable their call
Iniquitous condemned they be
To a lifetime of dishonesty
Every body used to make
A statement trying to awake

The angry, and ANUBIS too
Might realise the insulting view
Each wolf’s body a cladding for
The hunters home trophies of war
Sent out across the wilderness
The mercenary undignified
The hunter man he lives inside

Wicked as the day is long
Dishonourable and truly wrong
A trapping hunting good to go
An egoistic so and so
One of the cloven hoofed brigade
Whose memory is quick to fade
Whose involvement in the murdering game
So many innocent souls could claim
They were victims every one
From the lead shot from his gun

ALberta pays hunters 75 dollars to kill wolves
And 15 dollars to kill Coyotes

THIS HOME was created in 2012 so some time ago

Canada not a place i would ever go to
Seal clubbeds tar sands and wild animals torturers and murderers
And ofcourse bear hunting

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