The Corvidae

Who has quirky mannerisms
Dresses in the gothic look
Cut and dried and so precise
The Corvidea and they suffice
To say are individuals everyone
Non conformists in the sun
An inkiness a duskiness
And a true perceptive consciousness

Thoughtfulness snd speculation
A lateral thinker a celebration
Cogitative each imagine clearly
Mindful and persuaded dearly
Creation set her course ahead
Agricultural pests are led
Away from fields and eaten where
They cause the least of all despair

So why the farmer gets his gun
And shoots them crows what comes of fun
See the feathered crow boys fall
Out of the sky and off the wall
Why protest and want such dissent
Enlightenment is so well meant
Ignorance appears to me
To be cause for the innaccuracy

Intelligent and full of life
Family orientated strife
Cometh rapidly bet it does
In rural climes
The added buzz
Using twigs as tools to dig
And a brain that truthfully is big

The wiliest theory of the mind
A savvy never left behind
Wits as sharp and so well honed
A farsightedness thats owned
A sage in feathers
Rises to the heavens we
Watch them crows the corvidae
Block the light and fly away

Despite the law still shooters come
Aim their rifles clearly dumb
Too lowly parts beyond it all
Where rogue snd spiv is there to call
The shots defiant whoop and war
Bellicose they come for more
Killing frightening torturing they
Are on the offensive Anyway.

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