Sale Yards in Australia

New South Wales Victoria QLD

The evidence is out there
Yin and yang and we
Must realise the concept
And really try to be
Willing to remember
Heat is YANG and so
Eating meat when it is hot
The answer comes up NO

But sale yards they are everywhere
And in them calves and cows
Sheep of course a lot of them
And horses and the powers
To be
Of course the meat trade operatives
Who are
Ready to make money
Disregarding from afar

They also work with poultry
The smaller sizes they
Are even more Yang actually
So make us hotter day
and night
To just be doing this
Puts strain upon our heart
And sends us into anger
And how we do impart

Australia of all places
Is very very hot
And eating meat
Is causing stress
So really it is not
Particularly healthy
Fruits and veggies would
Be better for our bodies
And, therefore we should

Consider where we are living
And stop our killing spree
Animals drink water
And cows do tragically
Burp and fart
And raise the anti
Methane in the sky
Their hooves cut up and ruin the earth
So Their meat trade should apply

Some wisdom but in point of fact
What it prefers to do
Is make a lot of profit
And take it out on you
As for the wild kangaroo
NOw they very yang
Being wild and iconic
Their flesh when we hang

It up and dry it sometimes
That’s the most YANG of all
And proves that the Australians
Are really not that cool
Of course the refined beers they buy
Are drunk down every day
But that puts their kidneys under stress
And for that they all pay

Sale Yards are abysmal places
Animals waiting just to die
Thoughtlessness and needlessness
These factors they are high
All this darkly industry
With offshoots that are ill
All this violence everywhere
And the blood they spill

Is really not in tune
With us the country really feels
When it’s very hot then eating meat
Well steals
Health and true observance
And methane levels rise
Water shortage these cows drink
Our water no surprise

Animals are thinkers
Philosophers in fact
They spend their time a ruminating
And how they react
To be shipped to sale yards
Don’t you think they know
They fear they just lament
For its the time to go

Ofcourse get out the barbecue
Chemicals and all
Lots of sloshing ice cold ale
And what does appal
Chunks of marinated dead flesh
As yang as yang can be
Washed down with the ice cold beer
To exhaust you naturally

We are just empty headed
It’s a kind of suicide
And with it we are responsible
And have no where to hide
Climate change miles of drought
Cruelty and more
And on top of that we are killing
Ourselves of that I am sure

Slow down on yang when it is yang
Reduce the meat a while
Look and learn from the old ROO
He feeds at night in style
He’s not eating yang
He’s into yin and a bit of yang
Dried his pride of place
Where he likes to hang

Out so macrobiotic
He eats what he knows well
And it’s man the unkind and the blind
Who turns heaven to HELL

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