Roma not my ideal place to be

Roma not my place to be
Not when its captivity
My sinking heart
To be apart

AFrica where skies are blue
And the air is sweet
Just for the few
Who know the freedom
And can say
They are free still everyday

For me in Roma
What I do
Is sit in this cage
And must look through
The heavy bars
That hold me tight
I share the light

They oppress my spirit
Depression comes
The gravity
Inside it numbs
Its so grim here
So I have to stare
Outside myself
And there’s little there

I am so downhearted
In every way
Crestfallen cheesed off
About each day
Being gawped at
I can stare
Out through the bars
To anywhere

No live food
No hunting, no
I am wasting
I can’t glow
Not anymore cant feel the sun
Saddened when the day is done

I languish in this hovel here
Suffering long bouts of fear
Disheartened such
That is really all I see
I am wasting away here
My dampened spirits
I so fear

Weeping quietly deep inside
Blubbering no place to hide
The monotony the misery
Being in Roma honestly
Its not like my home
Not at all
Its colourless
It isn’t cool
I would give so much to be
Back home and just
Being free

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