Rodeo in this day and age

in this day and age
Wisdom really right off the page
Amusement and true entertainment
Shouldn’t be
From buying a ticket
And expecting to see

Animals Tortured
And assaulted They be
Terror in these babies eyes
Most agree
Roped up and frightened
they do realise
its really one hell of a fight
I surmise
A lassoo around their necks
And then pulled tight
Imagine that if you were running away
Stopped in your tracks
In what was such dismay

So that an audience can be amused
Delighted watching calves being abused
Its unsightliness
And Its a hideous frame
Its frightful and shocking
And for you lot to claim
Its skillful and cultural
All I can say
We are letting the louts in
To hanker away

It is bad taste
Its tawdriness
Loud music crowds
It creates so much stress
These are farm animals
Sweet Babies they
Are Disrespected in every way

Fear you can cut it through with a knife
Those animals run
Out for their life
Intimidated by it all
The electric prods
And the bloody fool
Who tries to ride bulls
And ofcourse falls
That isnt courage
It just appals

Anyone Thinking or perhaps caring souls
The lack of caution
Neglected roles
Foolhardiness that leads
To shame
To brinkmanship
And the Wish for some fame

Watching the calves
Hearing them crash
Down in the dirt
Yea how they bash
Theirselves around
These are babies and they
Unweaned and untutored
In every way

You can see the nonchalence
The reckless and heedlessness
People dont care
For all the young animals
Feeling the strife
Hitting the dirt
And Some losing their life

Where is the wonderment
Of little souls
These are sweet miracles
Working their roles
Somebody’s prodigy
Some mothers child
Shocked out of existence
And really defiled

Its about self-importance
Egotism we
Can see self-display
And self flattery
Gods gifts to women
Strutting their stuff
Conceited and arrogant
We have seen enough

Of such demonstrations
Cultural wrath
The blatancy the swagger
That is a path
Of the pompous and priggish
Puffing their chests out
Which we’d try to resist

Its baleful and spiteful
And very unkind
Creating the ruffians
Whats wrong are you blind
Cant you see all the anger
Cant you feel all the pain
The abuse and the vitriol
That all we gain

Hearing the thump as the calf
Hits the dust
Legs tied together
Its all blood and thrust
Injuring animals
Isnt the way
Of exciting our children
It isnt okay

Rodeo really is not of this time
We have grown up a lot
From the pit most did climb
We enjoy seeing animals
Gentle and there
Not chased and roped
And ridden no where

Not given to fear
To roping to pain
These skills went out with the ark
The refrain
We hear are the calves crying
Thats what we hear
Grown men abusing
Creating more fear

Heartlessness everywhere
No empathy
Unfeeling impassive
Unmoved actually
Brutal sadistic
Remorselessly so
Where is our mercy
Where did it go?

Rodeo’s wrong
Its a curse from the past
Its unjustifiable
an ugly blast
Of wrongfulness really
Of injustice as well
Its just inapropriate
Creating this HELL

And calling it Rodeo
Entertainment galore
Wheres the morality?
Where is the law?
Where are the ethics?
What have we become?
Throwbacks to yesteryear
Just A bit more dumb.

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