Once upon a time our ocean was more than just a dumping ground for plastic

Hear the cries of the many
The great tragedy
The oceans are dying
Cetaceans now be
Certain of stresses
Coming their way
From the plastic
And the rubbish
And human dismay

The realisation
Where the great expanse
Was as clean as could be
Where our gods were resident
And where they tried
To temper our freedoms
And where we relied

On an ethos of purity
Just everywhere
Related connected
Where we could all share
The bounty the symmetry
The rhythm of life
The immortal pathways
Away from the strife

The balance of Nature
Was just everywhere
It had an evenness
Beyond compare
It was affirmative
Heaven on earth
A world of abundance
With such glowing worth

Then came mankind
Whose arrogance too
Grew stronger and more powerful
And what did accrue
Was an ocean to where
Man could dump and throw away
What he chose to
And fill up the ocean each day

With the plastic the bags and the sacks
And so
All sorts of random things
Part of the flow
Great sheets of plastic
And netting now be
Making their way across the salt sea

And we are the victims
All of us here
Filtering water the baleen of fear
Harmony lost
To the randomness where
We swallow and wallow
In utter despair

All of us fooled by the
The bedlam the chaos
Your lack of discipline
The tumult the frenzy
The you don’t care less

The great demonstration
Of garbage and spill
We swallow and wallow
And some become still
To the evils and chemical brews
It contains
To the vile disruptions?
that enters our brains

That’s when we hurt so and suffer
And sigh
Many are aching
And many more cry
Our digestion is ruined
Our bodily parts
Tangled in fishing gear
Which breaks our hearts

The vast contaminants
Now everywhere
The glyphosate PCB’s
Cadmium ware
Polythene man made
Boundless desire
Fooled by it all
We dissolve in the fire

Beach ourselves
Give up the ghost
Lose our way
Make our appeals to you
Bleeding inside ourselves
Tortured and lost
Crawling with illness
Which is at a great cost

Appealing aloud
Through the winds in the night
Under the moon and the sun we delight
In swimming our way
Around this earth and we
Appeal to you all as to what we can see

Great lines of hooked nets
Plastic sheeting galore
Bottles and bottles and crates
And what’s more
All the souls suffer
The big and the small
Perpetual evil
That is our call

Whale after whale
Shark after shark
Turtles and eels
Are calling their mark
All are ingesting the
Puke of humane
The science of nothingness
And the insane

Wastage of garbage
That will not degrade
The ugliest sprawl
That sadly is laid
Down on The beaches
And onto the beds
In the water it’s sits
And in death it sheds

It obvious perils
All over the place
It’s even now entering the human race
Who eat fish and molluscs
That’s what we know
That’s why we beach ourselves
From out of the flow

We the great whales.the cetaceans of old
We are so suffering
And we are sold
On cleaning the oceans not
Reaching their core
We just cannot tolerate
Your shit any more.

2 comments on “Once upon a time our ocean was more than just a dumping ground for plastic

  1. ReNay Carr on said:

    Thank you for this poem of of despair.Our ocean beings are trying to let us know there is no way to survive anymore man has damaged their home beyond repair

    • It is so true and it is because they are destroying us all with their 12345 g micro wave technology its all happening in plain sight they are watching us every move that we make.


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