Monkey huddle

Our gatherings are increasing
Victims everywhere
The trees are being logged away
Our life is now despair
Collectively we are suffering
Slash and burn is here
Change and alteration
As great swathes of life
They clear

So many repercussions
We are on borrowed time
We have no power at all it seems
No longer can we climb
Weak and emasculated
Unnerved and neutered we
Are losing our homes daily
Almost every tree

Torn down crashed a’sunder
Our food cupboard is lost
It is our undoing
A pulverizing cost
Massive vandalism
On a gigantic scale
We stare annihilation in the face
And join the trail

Of wreckage and confusion
Its a cataclysmic war
Our lives being dismantled
Like they never were before
Uprooted wiped out sabotaged
Subverted overthrown
Our world is disappearing
And we all feel alone

The humans are coming closer
Their cities rumbling loud
Everywhere the hubub
Behold each heavy cloud
Of smoke drifts down to swallow
To choke us with such pain
The bulldozers the machinery
Its all here once again

Huddled in the litter
Our sluggishness on board
Feeling a paralysis
There is no reward
The ferment and the fury
The destructiveness is here
The heavy handed humans
With their bad-ass kick-ass fear

Emanating everywhere
Its excessive and its wrong
Our beautiful green jungles
Where we all did belong
Full of song and colour
Helping with our life force
And its intensity

And now its one great battlefield
Smoking everywhere
So many victims crying
Really filthy air
The moisture and the freshness
Scorched by all the fire
The landmass clearly wounded
And looking snd feeling dire

All the bio-energy
The animation we
Felt amongst the greenery
The great activity
Lost to suffocation
Judicial murder here
The terminators
Life we all held dear

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