Mega farms

Industrialised farming
Has been the way to go
Massive sheds of animals
The numbers grow and grow
In Herefordshire for example
More chickens than humans now
And scattered across our countryside
Many more and how
some 800 mega farms
Like those in the US
Huge amounts of animals
In a lot of stress
Captives YES all kept inside
No grass around to chew
Family farmers have lost it
What we had to do

Was build great sheds
And slurry ponds
And house millions fold
Our countryside is already ruined
The CAFO people sold
Their souls and hearts to
Mass produce
Animals rights no more
It’s all now done by numbers
A brand new kind of law

Exists inside these prisons
Control what it’s about
Armies of victims suffering
Of that there is no doubt
The stench of waste
The feed indeed
The anti biotic test
Holed up in their mini cells
Because we know, what is best

Huge great corporations
Compassion not a word
Empathy of family farms
It all just sounds absurd
Gestation crates and economics
And profit sheets and more
The balance sheet the stock exchange
It’s crowded on the floor

And It’s all regulated
The air flow the water too
The food they eat computerised
And, as for their loo
It’s all taken away to end up
In the slurry pit
The smell around these parts
These days
Is hell smothered in shit

Some of the great chicken sheds
Hold one million or more
Imagine all those chirping cocks
And hens out on the floor
The shit the stench of urine
Everywhere you go
All those pooping hens around
Adding to the flow

Shamefulness apparent
And insincerity
Armies of great breathing masses
Fill the sheds they be
Screaming in their chicken ways
Treading on each other
Pecking out each other’s feathers
Even attacking mother

Pigs stuck in those gestation crates
No nest oh no more
It truly is a camp that’s concentrated
And the floor
Is steeped in shit and grolly
In ammonia too
It wrestles with our breathing
As such smells tend to do

Bring back the small farmers
That farm out in the green
The fresh air and the sunshine
That occupy each scene
As children we were able
To observe the animals there
And now they are locked in prisons
And have to pay for air

With a great big scoop of tablets
It’s what the big boys do
Tightly pack the armies
In a living stew
Of bodies racked in agony
Pained in many ways
Tortured and presented
To the market it’s a phase

It truly is the future
The stench of things to come
The diseases and the lameness
And really there are some
Animals around today
Crippled as can be
No sunshine on their poor old backs
Just the shit they roll in, we

The consumers of this nonsense
We stay far away
We go off to the supermarkets
And observe the posh display
All in pretty plastic packs
And loads of cellophane
Which will end up in the oceans
And in landfills, so we gain

Much from all this newness
The scale of things ahead
Murder at the death camps
Where river there run red
Automation running at the clappers
Every day
And millions of dead victims
There to pass the time away

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