Gerardo Tkachenko-Papizh

A unique sound of naturalness
Songbirds insects we
Listen to the utterances
And muffled shrieks that be
Exclaiming a perfection
Humming warbling cooing
Madrigals of harmony
Lingering and viewing

Hearkening a labyrinth
Ethereal it be
Breath beyond sensation
Thinking out and free
Clearly observational
A troubadour of sound
With the brainchild and the mindset
To reach everyone around

A character chameleon
A consciousness to where
Vibration peers into the mind
And twitteringly doth share
Throat singing and indigenous
Tribal majesty
A virtuoso performance
Adapted harmony

moving at the cellular
Level hiss and coo
A plea for peace
An atmospheric chilling
Dream come true
The artistes observation
A conflict with the soul
Certain ululation
A passive quiet control

A vast reverberation
Embroidered through and through
A rising into atmospheric notes
And how they woo
The listener completely
Transported back to wood or shore
Into an adaptation
Of Nature in the raw

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