A state of expectation
A new smart tv
It just came from Amazon
Toshiba seemed to be
Bigger than I had had before
Used to an I pad screen
And there it was
Unpacked and waiting
A new fangled machine
Instructions really nothing
But A phone call got me to
Support but didn’t get much
I didn’t know what to do
Toshiba said they would ring me back
But nothing had I heard
So I thought of check a trade
Who listened to every word

John Garvin I gave him a bell
And an Ian came along
Friendly thoughtful considerate
He certainly did belong
In the caring classes
The amps the cables he
Replaced them
And he sorted the
TV out for me
He was businesslike
And friendly
He communicated well
Affable and sensible
It was easy to tell
That he was experienced
Assured and absolute
He put it all succinctly
Quickly found the root

Now the Tv was set up
The price he said and we
Saw that he was willing
To really try to be
As helpful as he could be
He made every thing feel
Explaining what he was doing
Business like and real
Now I have a new tv
And it’s expedient to say
Ian who came from Hemel Hempstead
Kind of made my day
The introductory phone call
With John Carlin made me feel
Confident and happy
Neither made a meal

Of anything just confidence
That help was on its way
Handiness and deftness
And a good price today
A little bit of banter
A practiced hand and eye
Aerial Services thank you
I am glad that you came by

01442 507424
020 7582 8888


Ian Davies

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