Elena Proklova

Telescopic rifle
Her daughter by her side
Elena Proklova
Ofcourse she has relied,
On ambushing the wild life
Shooting from afar
Aggressiveness and injustice
And she feels she’s the star

Her ugly mug on facebook
A vile brazen display
Insulting all our decency
Making that Bear pay
For being in his freedom
Where creation put
She a contradiction in terms
And whats afoot

For the family bruin
Who can really say
A mother shot to pieces
The family yes today
Pining for their mother
Who really is the beast?
Who argues in a circle
Who actually worries least

Hunters so unwarranted
Inconsequential now
She has no need to kill
For what
Really honestly how
Can she take her young daughter
And show her what she does
Ambushing the wild life
She needs it for the buzz

Clearly a lack of vision
Such insularity
Its about the disequilibrium
She is the liability
Self conceited opinionated
Slaughterer of life
What she has done is criminal
Just imagine the strife

Abuse of a young daughter
Making that child see
A beautiful wild animal
Shot down aggressively
Murdered in the coldest blood
Doing them no wrong
The senselessness of all of this
It just does not belong

2 comments on “Elena Proklova

  1. Lily on said:

    It’s time people like this are taken to task. What kind of mind s proud of killing such a beautiful creature? And possibly grooming her own daughter to do the very same thing. It’s disgracful. I cannot find words to describe how I feel about. Xxxx

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