Broadway Caerleon Stones

Deleterious and corrosive
Are rhe vandAls that we see
Desecrating medieval monuments
That be
Fashioned some two thousand years
Ago and were buried by
Tons and tons of earth
And now they feel the sky

Above them giving them
New life
A brightness once again
But in this present day and age
The disrespectful drain
Of nauseous and detestable
Spirits of the mind
Confound us with their ugliness
Which is then underlined

Stones many removed
And scattered all about
Damaging the construction
The flawlessness has put her spirit the doubt
Is that anyone today
Can remediate and show
The disgusting and detestables
Whose mindlessness does grow

We can feel that deterioration
In the minds of those
Vandals who come by sometimes
Their impoverishment grows
More avidly apparently
A defilement of their brain
Disabling their senses
Collaterally insane

Irreplaceably beautiful
The encirclement sublime
How easy itbis to destroy
And to effectively climb
Over and dislodge the pathways
Damaging the symmetry
And all done by some drunken
Drugged up ignorant who be

Happening to come upon.
Humanity beyond
The mortals with such handiwork
Feeling that great bond
With stone and form and art
And care
To place the great stones yes just there
To ornament and to so design
A cerebration that felt divine
An intellectual manuscript
And now it has been destroyed and ripped

Apart in just so many ways
Vandals those around these days
Lacking judgement caring little
Indiscriminate just like spittle
Gobbed out through their filthy lips
Their mindset and their souls eclipse
A filth about their blood Assay
That affects their movments in every way

Loitering with sad intent
Unable to infact relent
In the make up of this phase
Where Roman legions spent their days
Cursive reaons for it all
An uncertainty a familial brawl
Between to equals similarly
Who hold the reigns
In front of thee

The damage thats already done
Is beside the form
Under the sun
The toil and progress
Stood the testAnd I know really who comes
Out best

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