I was so frightened
And not very strong
When I got lost
It all just went wrong
Trapped in the mud
Didn’t know what to do
I cried out
But nobody heard me
Then you
Abraham Njenga
With students came by
Unlike some others
Your compassion Sky high
You cared and you shared
And you dared
To help me
David Sheldrick Wild Life
To help me be free
But before they arrived
I was drowning out there
One whole night alone
In the hot lonely air
Nobody to love me
Nobody to care
No shoulder to lean on
Nobody aware

And I had no name
Just a small pachyderm
Lost to the world
It seem so short term
My little life
Was fading me fast
Was I going to die
Where I had been cast
And Abraham heard me
And plunged in with me
They struggled and their hands
And hearts really key
to saving me
Giving me reason to try
So Help was at hand
In the wink of an eye

That was March two years ago
And my name
They called me “Bahati”
My claim to fame
In Swahili was LUCK
from my watery grave
The death knell I did buck
They all did their best for me
I realised that
Africa reels from loss of
From arrogant greed
For the ivory we
Possess more or less
And where that does lead
Sold off to China
Sweet little souls
Most set to die there
They cant fill those roles
And then trophy hunting
The corrupt and the vile
The canned hunts
Just more stunts
For making their pile

What is there to live for
Sanctuaries yes
There are few angels
But something to stress
Too many demons
Too many who
Want to make a fast buck
Out of someone like you
I went through a lot
My mind was alive
I know that the angels
Wanted me to survive
So many love us
So many care
But too many love themselves
And are not so aware

Thanks to Dr Gerhardus
And everyone who
Did what they did
I know they were true
They had to spend money
And masses of time
And me being lost
And unable to climb
Out of the water hole
Out of the mud
The world we are in these days
Theres so much blood
So many animals
Slaughtered each day
For the quack Chinese medicines
And the hunters who pay

Many cant shoot they just want to be
In a photo shoot with a dead one
Like me
Lap up the worship they all get back and
Seen as great hunters
Who all understand
Eco conservation excuses of course
Abuses all over thats the great force
Out here in Africa corruption and war
Politics conflicts
Whats it all for?
Why are we striving
To live as before
When hope is a word thats defunct
For the gore
The Rhino horns the Lion Bones
Just look everywhere
Its no place to live
And the air that we share
Is clogged up with toxins
And water and pain
Reality tells me
This world is insane

Justice for wild life
Animals we
Are suffering
And our lives much tougher
They be
There is no love nor respect
Not any more
You dont love each other
Enough, it feels raw
We who sense still the evils
That are building there
People dont matter
So much despair
So many forests felled
So much pollution
And so little prayer

More and more people
Less and less time
Our jungles are built up
There now is no rhyme
or reason
To live
Not any more
So forgive me
The rainbow bridge
I just adore

Its green and its peaceful
Its where I belong
Where the sun shines all day
And I am lost in a song
I remember you all
Those who were kind to me
And when you pass on
Perhaps we can all be

Friends again

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