Antibiotics in Nature

The overuse and lack of thought
The vile expression we
Many fail to contemplate
Though more and more can see
The folly of over prescribing
In agriculture where
CAFo system operate
Leading to much despair

Weight increases were thought about
Antibiotics they
Increased the dead weight
And the profit margin
So a way
For farmers to make profit
The end game thought forgotten
Where perhaps they ended up
And whether that was rotten

In rivers and in other
Water courses where we
The anti life spring into life
Thus creating infamy
What was once immortal
Is dying now at source
Arrogance and ignorance
Like cancers now of course

Veterinarian abuses
Many protein bound
Some have longer half lives
And in the melee drowned
More than was imagined
Subsisting so to say
Causing great imbalances
All along the way

Phenomenal and tangible
Related to the way
It touches all and sundry
In its rather powerful play
With knock ons from the negative
And power play from the start
Creating an unpredictable
Tremor in the heart

Life forms are now changing sex
Their uniqueness lost
A far cry from the ethic
And we see a cost
To man kind and his lackeys
The parity is gone
The morbidity of the curative
Really that’s upon

Us all who then evacuate
The residue when we
Send it via the urinal
into the salty sea
Amalgamating solidly
It’s randomness to hold
a fundamentality
That grows strong when it’s cold

The yin and yang of ignorance
Coming to a soul
Closer to your family
A new kind of control
Vast deliberations
Cause us much when we
Can’t realise that antibiotics
Really should not be

Disposed on so freely

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