A samurai retreat in Nara

Its about the peace
And tranquility
Unsullied untarnished
Where tourists come
To see the deer
And take in the sights
So famous here

Fall from a height
Crystal waters
Rainbow light
Having gratefulness
For the countryside
Where pretty little
Deer do hide

Sadly thought its a retreat
Sanbei crackers the deer do eat
The venders sell them
But often they
Just chuck the plastic bags away

The smell of the crackers
And deer alas
Tend to eat the bags enmasse
Stomach blockage is the thing
That too this park
They tend to bring

Tourist neglect
Causes much pain
The deers are choking
Once again
Hardened polyethelene
Its everywhere
Which is obscene

TOdaji temple and more besides
Beautiful plantings
And lots of hides
To see the bird life
And the deer
But the tourist threats
Now they come from here

Six out of 8 of the dead have died
With heaps of plastic bags inside
All over the world neglect and pain
From the tourists crowd
Who are insane
No comprehension for what deer do
For how they eat
And what is true

Plant based foods
Is what they enjoy
The regurgitate
And then employ
Their teeth to chew
The juicy cud
Their stomach thrn of course they flood

With juices sweet
And minerals too
In what they do
But tourists are an uncaring bunch
With no bins to speak of
Here’s a hunch
Its on the floor and its blown about
And is consumed by the deer no doubt.

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