Paul Debbie and Toby

We all forget and take for granted
How brilliant we all are
How our bodies work for us
In many ways we star
In our own epic every hour
Of every single day
And thats until something
Goes haywire and then sometimes we pay

So Paul you are at the Brompton
The hospital of choice
A really first class operator
With a caring voice
And you dear friend
Are undergoing a procedure
That will be
Giving you that helping hand
Where breathing is the key

We know it isn’t easy
For the whole family
Who will all be
Going through it
But then dear friend
The key
You Are not on your own
There is love around
Oodles of it and you
Have to bite the bullet
Yes This is what we do

I think of you
We all do
I want you to feel great
I want you to be healthy
Able to create
Your loving and your positivity
Which from you does exude
In your quiet way
Just every day
You are just a lovely dude

Unselfish, your generosity
And gentleness we feel
Mannerly and respectful
You genuinely are real
I am picking up and joining with
All your pals today
In wishing you good fortune
And our love to come your way

All of us are rooting for you
Claudia and I
and everyone who knows
You underneath the sky
You are not alone
Our spirits are with you
All the way
All the Cotswold Order
We are with you
Every day

And every night
All those long hours
Lying in your bed
Dreaming of the
Brand new feelings
And its better said
Your breathing will be top notch
Really you will be
Resolute and ready
To enjoy the artistry

The seemly the becoming
The gloriousness again
The landscapes and the skyscapes
Every musical refrain
The reverie of laughter
The significance of care
Debbie and Toby and everyone else
Just wanting to share

Your good health
And your wisdom
Your conviviality
Paul you know we love you
And we want to be
Seeing you a smiling
In Youthful high spirits too
You have a little way to go
But we are all with you

You take care dear friend
Rest as much as you can
Masses of love

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