“Fluffy” an old dog

Life hasn’t been easy
I have never been
A lap dog to do as I please
Times are lean
Now I am 15
In the winter of life
And they left me at a shelter
Imagine, the strife

That caused me the YELPS
And the cries and the screams
I have been their guard dog
And now it seems
Old and quite lame
I am a big pain and they
Don’t want me around
So they sent me away

Now I have emptiness
A vacuum in fact
How should an old guy
Actually react
I loved for certain
Taken for granted
Picked up and shipped off
And bloody well planted

In a big shelter
Groundless and lost
So unbegotten
Really just tossed
Away like the garbage
In a black bag
Nobody loves me
As I’ve lost my rag

I was born a poodle
Its my hair it has grown
It’s knotted and unkempt
And I am alone
Some memories were happy
But now how I feel
Is lonely and sad
Which is hard to conceal

I am a genuine article
I have a heart
I care and I feel
I did from the start
I still see the beauty
I still feel the need
But nobody cares
So where does this lead

If nobody wants me
It’s a trip to the vet
A needle and that’s it
Could be the best bet
Most now want wolf dogs
The likes of me
Are just not romantic enough

I don’t walk too well
I can’t run for a ball
They said that I smell
When I laid in the hall
My hair got all tousled
And fleas came to be
Biting and hurting
And that seemingly

Meant I had to go outside
All on my own
The kennel was draughty
And every bone
In my body felt cold
And achey to me
And now I am here
In the shelter I be

Sorry for myself
I just want to sleep
Quietly in fact
I just want to weep
Obscurity seemingly
Is now to be
My path to beyond
my end game to see

Time waits for no one
My sand has run out
The hours now are fleeting
I live now in doubt
With no one to love me
What will I do
But have the injection
And find pastures new

The rainbow bridge
I have heard is the place
Where everything’s rosy
And life is all grace
Paradise seemingly
Flows passed my door
And all the young
I once knew
I am sure

Will all be there waiting
To all say hello
We can play on the grass
Where the daffodils grow
Where there’s no painful limbs
And no angry shouts
So if no one comes for me
I am in no doubts

That’s where I shall go

C219 Carson Shelter Dogs

Even outside for 12 long years
THats what they think of me

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