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Andres Roca Roca Rey

Andres Roca Roca Rey Gave a really good display Dressed in yellow satiny tights The Matador reached torrid heights It looked as though a bulls horn went Up his arse YES heaven sent but actually it only grazed his thigh … Continue reading

Roadside butchery

This really is sn obscenity Taking place today In Baoding south west Of Beijing Where 10 million people stay The most polluted city At this roadside butchery Donkeys are all tethered Waiting To be murdered The vulgarity personified The tactlessness … Continue reading

Two broken legs

Zoo’s are there primarily To make money Thats the way And working with young animals And others on display Are clearly far from wildness In captivity Away from family members Which is contradictory To how they should be treated With … Continue reading


Hog weed moss rose verolaga Other names for the Purslane It hugs the ground Thats what I have found And likes the heat Again Its element is water And its Feminine ruled by the moon Love and luck and happiness … Continue reading

The secret Gardens of Chaulden

Flaunden Lane near Bovingdon A concept to regard A Mediterranean Nursery Easy for the bard To soak up all its floral gifts The complementary Interacting many coloured Pattened woven spree A place of peace and harmony An idyll in a … Continue reading


I was so frightened And not very strong When I got lost It all just went wrong Trapped in the mud Didn’t know what to do I cried out But nobody heard me Then you Abraham Njenga With students came … Continue reading

The Matador

The matador Was dead for sure The walking dead Who is no more The powerless one Is all but done Impotent kaput obsolete A neutralized and sad dead-beat Inept inadequate Feeble mind He has no shadow He can’t unwind His … Continue reading

Broadway Caerleon Stones

Deleterious and corrosive Are rhe vandAls that we see Desecrating medieval monuments That be Fashioned some two thousand years Ago and were buried by Tons and tons of earth And now they feel the sky Above them giving them New … Continue reading

I am cecil too

He is doing it to music Her white boots and her style It cuts into his poor old feet Torture off the dial Purple lights and laughter She the dancing queen His demeanour says it all Thoroughly obscene Chafing irritation … Continue reading

Rodeo in this day and age

Enlightenment in this day and age Wisdom really right off the page Amusement and true entertainment Shouldn’t be From buying a ticket And expecting to see Animals Tortured And assaulted They be Terror in these babies eyes Most agree Roped … Continue reading