Yankalilla school

I hear a school is
Upset by the kangaroos that come
Often Up to the oval
Where they have seen some
The school is South of Adelaide
The principal Christine Bell
And children have been chasing them
Something most know well

Already there are noises
That the roo’s they should be shot
Australians have really
Honestly lost the plot
A school should have a fence
To clearly keep them out
Supposedly community centred
So what all this about
Whats great about Australiaf
Are the wild ones afterall
And shooting them
As farmers do
Is breaking every rule
Australia must realise
Animals have rights
The lack of rain means
Clearly that they will see their sights
But really theur need for water
Is not like cattle they
Are very very frugal
In the sunlight of the day

Shooting is the answer
Sharing is the way
Be respectful of wild life
For wild life are the way
You live around the bush
And must expect the roo’s
Yankalilla school
Think yourselves lucky
They are found
In and around the area
Shooting them wont be
The answer its just ignorant
Thats if you ask me
Learn to live with animals
Respect them for they have been
On this earth
Thousands of years
And killing Them is obscene.

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