Who will be the survivors in the long run.?

North of the Niger River
An ancient city stands
The capital of Mali
Timbuktu whose lands
Are on the Sahara fringes
Where barren wilderness
The land of the Tuoreg
Where the heat can stress
A land ofcourse where camels ply
They close in and they touch the sky
Creation thought their placement through
Flesh and blood and endurance too
Essentially many extremes
Who can hear their inner screams
Those huge great teeth
And sandpaper tongue
Where meagreness from them is rung

Their disposition and attitude
Sets their course
And they exude
A willingness to soldier on
Until the last man standings gone
Their perspective is to maintain
Absoluteness and much strain
Mutually they battle through
Whatever hardship there to do
Wandering gypsies tribal souls
Warriors their differing roles
Their mindset is their antidote
Which is infact a thing of note
A gasping chortle an unfailing cry
A differentiated high
A Barren desert it’s their thing
Phantoms that the dust storms bring
On their struggle availeth one
For they are lovers of the sun
They harmonise and assimilate
And really that’s what makes them great

Desert adapted elephants they
Are secretive in every way
Creating mud clad camouflage
A kind of great moving mirage
Of bodies trundling through the sand
Their destiny is well in hand
Their memories are long they know
Where the sparkling waters flow
A hundred miles well maybe so
An antidote that’s going to show
The whole assemblage where is best
And all will then rise to the test
Pachyderms resiliently
Make it known incessantly
50 gallons every day
Each elephant needs and it does pay
To record the places in the mind
Where there is water you can find
No internet no maps to use
No muddled heads no fake news
To have that feeling and consistency
That honest originality
It’s life or death
It’s supremacy
It’s perfect seniority
The pole position the upper hand
The bond that helps to understand

Habitat a dwindling mass
Multitudes join the morass
Of inhabitants that want to share
The land beyond the land to where
There is always water
For it creates
Life in all its myriad states
Herds of elephants townships where
The tuoreg live and are aware
Their Market gardens flourish well
Walking side by side with them a spell
What we are seeing apparently
Are the nomads settling down to be
Where the water is sparklingly clear
Where great flocks of birds appear
A natural space of harmony
Where hopefully everyone can be
Elephants adaptablity
Has brought them through to what we see
The cats the wolves the ostrich they
Have in their own time passed away
Can the tuoreg and the elephants live
Side by side and really give
Each other a defining space
Time will tell perhaps we face
A need to search the wild frontier
To re -engage and not now fear
Wildness to believe that we
Can concrete over all we see
Those wide horizons in our mind
The hope that all the tribes can find
A union together where
As avatars we all can share
In what is the inveteracy
The diehard grip of certainty
An Internal moratorium
Of perpetuity
Of sticking it out to the bitter end
Of restructuring humanity

Our cities if we thought a while
Are zoo’s infact just off the dial
Concrete and glass and little green
We have forsaken the wilder scene
For the lack of trees
For the great five g
For the WiFi buzzing
Where no bee
Or butterfly
Can compensate
The digital fog
Where no debate
Is even allowed here anymore
Chem trails rock our world for sure
United States
No sovereign left dictatorships
Just bereft
Of humility and empathy
And few around with memory
With harmony with hope and care
Just states of insanity

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