Vulgaris the octopus

Two eyes
A central mouth
A beak
Eight limbs
Soft bodied
Many seek
Out within the ocean wide
From inside

A siphon
And pure respiration
Expelling jets
Tnats the creation
Fabulous sight
Three hearts
A great
Sense of touch
And your fate

Six months
By our standards
Recognition and
So much thought

You comprehend
Such a friend
Bilaterally symmetric
So well versed
but for you

Authentic constant
In the ocean seldom
A breadth of mind
Beyond your years
A cephalopod
Brings me to tears

Expelling ink
A sage to be
Writing your way
Through history
Sharks for you
Spell terror, they
Love your taste
Or so they say

Then you have your poisonous bite
It can be deadly
Thats as a right
You enjoy small fish
And shellfish too
And your coloration
Is something new

Camouflage another trait
Krill and plankton
Both you rate
Denizens of the deep
And surface dwellers

Light exposes
The belief
The rationality of grief
Lateral thinking
Within your thrust
And resoning just
Is a must.

A poem for wild scarlet

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