The Patriot

Entrenched up to our eyeballs
In remoaning rectitude
The recalcitrant the unenlightened
Arrogant of brood
The greatest referendum
To hit our inglorious shores
In or out of the EU
And to massive applause

We knew of the New World Order
Of Blair and his brigade
We had heard about Kalergi
How they wanted to raid
Our independence rapidly
And masterfully engage
Our beautiful English heritage
With migrants off the page

We knew about arc Manche
And what ofcourse the great EU
Wanted to change our country
Into a vassal state come true
What it wanted really
End democracy
Do what hitler failed to
With A flag and an army too

Do awAy with sterling
The euro was the thing
Lose all of our fishing rights
Let the EU bring
Their trawlers every which way
And suck our seas so dry
Close our ports forever
We knew that was no lie

See manufacturing limited
The car firms off and go
To Germany and France
And the eastern block
We know
The question did we want to stay
Or go
And we said GO
And from that moment we were hounded
By everyone we know

actually we had really thought we knew them
All of The brainwashed mob
It was all below the belt
And some of us did sob
Our multi friends all leaving us
Because we said aloud
We want independence
Not stuck in that big cloud

Making all our laws for us.
whilst our lazy MP’s
Draw their nice fat salaries
and expenses if you please
Rubber stamping Brussels regulations
We are just a vassal state
Of Europe now they say

We have the new world order
soros and yes Blair
And all the other brainwashed creatures
With their own despair
Exuding from their bodies
Pumping out the awe
Giving leavers a bad press
Like they never could before

Being a UK patriot
Taking the stick all day
From the arrogant ignorant
With such a lot to say
They Cannot see the chem trails
Cannot know five g
They fill their guts with
Dead flesh
And wonder where they be

The chivalry of patriotism
Million of us wanted to leave
But then we felt the war
The remainers they were well healed
The corporatocracy
The bankers and the eu drainers
Earning massively.

Putting out the fake news
And paying for it too
9 million every home in Britain
Got a leaflet
We were up against it
The globalists on side
They want a United States of Europe
Ofcourse where they can ride

Out their globalist
common purpose
Eugenics through and through
Democracy is cancelled
Yes for liberals too

Flextensions everywhich way
The backstop in the pot
We want a customs union
No trade deals we have not
Entered into one of them
The single market view
to give them 39 billion
For their dreams to come true

We pay them heaps of money
With our food banks everywhere
With our baby banks and rough sleepers
We just love to share
Our tax payers money
With the growing eu.who is wasting money
Than any of us do

2 million quid their payouts
Pensions through the roof
Expenses fancy cars and security
You goof
They are all taking the piss
And ruling us as well
NO the eu is no heaven
Just a nastier form of hell.


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