The last journey

We purloin their spirit
We hi jack their soul
Modern day brigands
Out of control
Creating our victims
Getting away
With abject cruelty

He was possessed
From the day he was born
He was a slave
Every moment
Was torn
From his very existence
He forefeited life
With diminishing returns
He accepted his strife

We offered him little
But he gave it all
We made a fortune
It wasn’t his call
He suffered greatly
Was our legacy
He took the rap
And karma will be

Ours many life times
We have earned all we get
We took possession
He couldn’t sweat
He lived with our toxins
No where to go
But begin the long journey
As we all know

2000 miles
Every rut he did feel
He took possession
As did the wheel
It was his loss
That was for real

Look at his eyes
Sleepy they be
He is convinced
Of his true destiny
He has no say in the matter at all
He is a prisoner
Always on call

Resigned to be leaving
Believing that he
Will go to pig heaven
For an eternity

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