Somebody else’s baby

For me it is a certainty
An irrefutability
Killing babies
For consumption
Feels alien to me

The Dairy Farmer’s
Is selling into dairy
Bovine lactating fluids
Sold to human beings they
Are told by all and sundry
That using ungulate infants
Will somehow be much healthier
In every single way

To ensure sufficient production
The females must be pregnant
Artificial insemination
The rape racks overflow
Male calves seen as surplus
Must go to the slaughterhouse
Dead baby flesh sought after
A market in which to grow

However one considers this
To treat these little babies
To abuse them as is normal
Again for me is wrong
I cannot see the reasoning
Apart from making money
It truly isn’t rational
And doesnt belong

And really its been hidden
Not really ever spoken of
As millions of little babies
are abused
And murdered for
Veal, their flesh leather their skin and some are just
Thrown on a heap
Kept in hutches,Groups and pens
Restricted movement
More like hens

In battery cages
Its not right
Many do not see sunlight
Either sex but
Mostly males
And so begins
The horror tales

Bob veal 2-3 days old
At most a month
Thats when they are sold
Formula fed
More arrogance
For that ivory flesh
When they are dead

Non formula fed
as calf its sold
Its the pale flesh
So I am told
Kept chained up
For Movement tends
To Give flesh a reddening
Which then sends

The market into
Basically it is abuse
Played down always
But its true
Really what babies
Do Go through

A state of expectation
For little babies who
Come into this bright new world
Will all their dreams come true?
Stolen from their mothers
Imagine that will you
For milk is not for ungulates
Its for humans their life through

Bovine infant fluids
For human adults thats right
Deny the baby ungulate
Who goes into a fright
Who maybe fed on formula
Or not fed at all
Just shipped off to the slaughterhouse
And hung up against a wall

So its all one big illusion
Utter sophistry
Excuses for abuses
So much disinformation
Advertisers they
Really truly get to work
They have a fine field day

Thats how they make their money
The TV chefs and more
The restaurants and the super markets
All that blood and gore
Our babies fed on calves milk
Some every single day
And all the hormones and anti biotics
That the cows get anyway

And we just all go along with it
Forget the babies who
Come into this world
And are murdered yes its true
They do not get a look in
Surplus to the trade
Plenty of milk chocolate
From the infanticide parade

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