Sir Roger Scruton and Brexit

The power of sight
The power of thought
An ethical devide
In the National Interest
Conviction doesnt slide
He talks of trust and belonging
His feature of debate
It is wholly precious
What Common Law does state
It has always been
The foundation
Implicit in our belief
Compared to the EU
And their Roman Law
The grief that enters
The equation
Unaccountable it be
We have judicial reasoning
And case law
Ourselves and our dear country
The sentiment is there
Its plausible and tenable
Its orthodox and fair

The way that He explains this
We all can understand
We are not left or right of anywhere
We believe and we stand
Together its the principle
Its the footprint in our mind
Its never controlled from above
Its really that we find

In Ourselves reflecting ideals
Acknowledging consent
“The long hand of the dead” His words
Outdated and aptly led
Independent nations strive forward
Built on trust
We belong together
His mentorship’s a must

A quiet and thoughtful gentleman
As lucid as can be
Rational and reasonable
Its what we choose to see
The philosophy of principle
Contemplates a force
The argument is waiting for
An ethic at its source

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