The murder of babies on the snow
Our sinfulness and wrong doing
Ofcourse its all on show
THe Government of Canada
Wants this crime to be
Happening it subsidises
This debauchery

Its for the skin and fur
The flesh is tossed away
Left to rot upon the ice
Or tossed back in the bay
The fisherman employed to bludgeon
Babies as they do
Are clearly mindless wicked louts
Who havent got a clue

The degeneracy perverted
Its innocence they kill
Totally inoffensive
Unspotted yet still they spill
Their guts and blood all over
That is what they do
Leave their entrails
Gaping and very much in view

Its the humiliation
They dwell on it appears
Anyone who witnesses
Breaks down in floods of tears
Its sickening beyond belief
Their cries race through the night
Once you have felt the disrespect
You are mortified by right

How they can be so evil
Molestors all the way
Exposing, their beating brains
Its cussedness all day
And infront of their mothers
Weeping at the thought
Of their offspring
Being slaughtered
And their bleeding skins
Then bought

The market for the sealskin
In jewllery and bags
In clothing and in cell phone covers
Why so many hags
Want to wear the ear rings the
Trousers and the shoes
Want to hear the blood squelch
It can never be good news

Throw out ones chest
And swagger
Reckon on the look
A sealskin jacket
Costs a packet
But then ofcourse you took
The bludgeoned dying body
And scraped the skin away
And cured it with some chemicals
And sent you on your way

You a self admirer
Conceited as could be
You think what you are wearing
Is exclusively
Special makes you look good
An air of ostentation
And nudging mockery

Tastelessness personified
Out of the gutter press
Artless tawdry vulgarity
The whole outfit does stress
Your indecorous behaviour
Your cheap and nasty trail
Shameless and excessive
AndSo beyond the pale

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  1. Pauline Roche on said:

    Shame on you Canada

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