Scottish salmon STINKS

The stench of farming arrogance
Drifts across the sky
Farmers in the Aqua business
Let too many die
They are arrogant beyond their means
And ignorant as well
Its all about the balance sheet
And really how the hell
They manage to be successful
Farming as they do
Ruining the industry
Most dont have a clue
Trying to make a profit
Overstocking they
Abuse the fish with chemicals
And feed most everyday

They are mindless in the brain dept
Abuse is all they know
They lack all understanding
Of the ebb and flow
Of the farming business
Of causation too
They have so little knowledge
Infact most not a clue

And so the fish they suffer
Diseases really bad
9′million fish were slaughtered
And burned its really sad
Each was a life each living
But widnes smelled the air
Incinerated all of them
How can that be fair

Gill disease is commonplace
Pancreas disease as well
Appalling colateral damage
We create their hell
And really how they suffer
Because we believe we know
We can farm these specimens
And watch them as they grow

Scotland hasnt got a clue
They prove that every year
Lowering of standards
Its really very clear
Life and understanding it
Bio energy
Biological function
And viability

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