Party balloons

Wildness cannot comprehend
The multi coloured balloon
We abuse so much of Nature
With them the misfortune
That kind of stretchability
And many coloured hues
Bouncy and resilient
They really are bad news

Releasing them as many do
Will send them high above
Up to some 40 thousands feet
To freeze and fall
No love
Created as they break
Up and their slivers are
Deposited about the earth
To ruin and to scar

Wild life sees them
Fish or reptile birds
Upon the wing
Mammals see them possibly
As food the wind did bring
Latex came from rubber
Degradable but they
Are not food and may choke
Or sicken As animals may play

Some are made of mylar
Metalised as well
They are really toxic
Creating their own hell
For birds and even mammals
Ingesting such a thing
Filling their digestive tracts
With something that may bring

On a toxic shock or a strangulated bowel
The pigments and the fixatives
And strings may fool the fowl
Sold to us as joyful things
To ungulates they may
Cause unbelievable colic
That worsens by the day

We have to be more mindful
What we release into the sky
Where it goes what happens
In the sea and really why
Many of us fail to think
And yes some fail to care
How the wildlife sees it
And if you like might share

Dropping into the ocean
Resembling a jelly
Scooped up by a balleen whale
Into its great big belly
Cetaceans all around the globe
Are beaching far and wide
Their bellies full of plastic
Their option suicide

Those party shops and
Balloons on string
We buy to bring folk joy
You often see them flailing in the wind
Will they annoy
Someone stuck up in a tree
Or floating on some lake
We must be more mindful
For everybodys sake

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