OREGON fish and wildlife

We have heard the of old adage
Of the fox and the chickens
So hearing today
The Dept may see

A hunter a killer
Of many wild animals
Coming to work with
For me

It sounds catastrophic
How can this happen
Animals need people
Not people who
Go out
a killing
For whatever reason
Apparently that is what this guy
Does do

And brags about it
5 wild coyotes
Shot in one day
Wow what a fine soul
And Hippo’s and crocodiles
Wow that is something
A hunter guide
Now takes on the role

For me its a curse
And has to spell danger
PRotection not killing
Its maintaining the balance
The equilibrium the biosphere
Putting a hunter in charge
Of the wild life for me just feels wrong
Its just spells out fear

What chance have the animals
In this equation
It feels unpropitious
My despondency
At knowing a hunter
Was in the Department
Caring for wild life
How can that be

It makes a mockery
Really of Oregon
He may be aggressive red blooded and more
But are they are the qualities
For our dear wild life
The fearless the dauntless
The hunter and more

Untrembling brave hearted
Killer of animals
Working with animals
All that for me
Draws ln the negative
And persecution
Hardly the choice
That I personally

Could condone in fish and wildlife

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