The truth hurts
When repeated
To the world outside our door
The Equadorian embassy
Clearly they were sure
And spying clearly seemingly
Took on a different hue
This time it was Assange
Who they were keen to view

All his various visitors
The doctor even when
He came to check him over
And all the other men
Who turned up
There are photographs and audio as well
And video and legal papers
They thought they could sell
It feels like a breach of confidence
And his human rights
An invasion of his privacy
They turned on the lights
Moreno clearly kept an eye
Visitor logs were shared
Now he is arrested
Julian looking scared
Very pale and sallow
Unkempt one has to say
Bundled out with no respect
This is how you pay
The piper when they are after you
Then all breaks out and we
Are Waking up again and the US wants to be
In the forefront indictments
Coming thick and fast
Everybody want a bit
Of Julian at last

He told the truth
We saw the war crimes
Publishers of fact
Seven years of house arrest
And we see how you react
Clinton has the nerve
To say the music he must face
She can bloody talk
I must say
She is a disgrace
But then this is America
And What we see today
Is seeing unexpurgated truths
Really brought dismay

Flogging all the materials
To people back in Spain
Who are wanting chunks of money
Extortion where they gain
Perhaps as much as 9 million
Asking him for three
POlice are now on the case
So we shall have to see

7 years no fresh air
Cooped up in some room
All the British coppers
Helped him feel more gloom
Did they imagine he would run
Or fight it’s says so much
Austerity and police numbers
Down but out of touch

On this arrest for certain
At the most they could send three
But ofcourse they are always over the top
A sad man we could see
Pale and looking wizened
Thrown into their van
This is what we witness
And it really doesn’t scan

On the orders of Moreno
Extensive spying they
Filmed him every hour of every single day
Every single meeting.
there was nothing he could do
His privacy was compromised
All of this is true

What about his human rights
A whistleblower he
Told the truth a publisher
Who let the people view
Real news not this fake crap
That these days is their thing
Unvarnished were the articles
And factualness did bring
A realness and a genuineness
Brutal really some of it
But Published faithfully

Instead of rotting in some jail
With his family he should be
He is an inspiration
And needs a guarantee
Of judgement and discretion
For his sagacity
Should now be rewarded
Not all this tomfoolery

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