47 years of age
White haired, bearded
Hard to gauge
The Ecuadorian Embassy
And the weight of the constabulary

All those coppers
One frail man
And really how it all began
Human rights ENGLAND can feel
Its more EU
And does reveal

Arrested and bundled
In a van
Clearly all part of the plan
In a cell then in the court
Judge Snow gives bis matter

Guilty of the charge
Seemed he
Was off to

Heroes in England
What they get
Is The worse treatment
They are met
With expediency
Unlike before
The treatment
Really whats it for

Clearly undergoing stress
The police dont care a less
Sajid javed tells us he
Will be looked after medically
An ex banker has to be
Compared to Julian

A fair hearing not a jot
He was imprisoned on the spot
He can wait perhaps till May
When they just send him aWay
To the United States ofcourse where he
Will be bangedf up
For an eternity

Wnat it tells us is human rights
Are wrongful here
As such the lights
Went out alas a long time ago
Exposing corruption
Easing the flow
Embarrassing governemts
Which we saw
Is really what Wikileaks was for

And so holed up
In a sanctuary
For seven years
This man, he
A hero lost and left to suffer
In A foreign embassy
Where things were tougher
Within the sounds of ofcourse BIG BEN
A man can languish
From now till when
Away from his family
And try to stay
Hopeful of a better day

His rights Removed
His humanity
In the hands of the
That should make him
contain himself
And try to be

Like TOMMY Robinson
Rushed through court
And in the cells
His place was sought
British justice
We all could see
Amazingly quick
When it wants to be

I feel for the man
He looked so sad
So much older
Clearly he’s had
A riveting time in the embassy
Away from his loved ones
That he still won’t see

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