It’s coming to binefar in Huesca

In pursuit of profits
Whilst relinquishing good sense
Filing away compassion
and the real suspense
A slaughterhouse is coming
And death trusts everyday
3 million pigs will be slaughtered
Every year or so they say

Increasing up to double that
Imagine if you will
6 million beautiful caring pigs
This place is going to kill
The blood alone an ocean
Of congealing infamy
The plan is maniacal
That’s if you ask me

In a town of some 9000 people
But in an area where
18per cent of the pig production
Apparently is there
Huesca zaragoza lleida and Barcelona
And the exports to China
And Japan so says the owner

One Piero Pini best take him
At his word
All those pigs will end their days
It’s just feels so absurd
Trucked in from wherever
And murdered so to say
The screams of all those animals
Will be heard most every day

Why are people eating pig meat
Pugs they do not sweat
They can’t get rid of toxins
In their flesh they are set
Pigs enjoy their rooting
In forests that’s the way
But these pigs will be
In house concrete floors
And possibly may

Be suffering already
From the husbandry and trucking
How come the people in Binefar
Are actually now ducking
Out from making protest
This establishment will be
Creating waste and maybem
in the locality

There will have to be disruption
It’s hurtful ness and pain
It’s buttock clenching evil
What ends up down the drain
And goes into the rivers.
All the guts and blood
All that snot and snivel
Supposing there’s a flood

It’s really sounds disgusting
And not good for our health
Balance sheets and margin
It’s coming here by stealth
1600 workers on the killing floor
Nobody with empathy
It will be like a Great War

Going on inside the walls
A blood bath so to say
Innocents plucked out of their incarnations
Every week and
Every month
And every bloody year
The whirring of the killing blades
And, it’s all happening here.

The air will sure,y deteriorate
The water around a bout
The karma of the region
Is there any doubt
With Veganisim growing.
Why all this great show
Why is Spain allowing this
And thinking it will grow

Exporting to China and Japan
Is this fair
Ruining an environment
And sending stuff elsewhere
To me it lacks true spirit
It’s a blood fest in a way
Prosperity from adversity
Somebody will pay

The locals there’s no doubt about it
Anyone living there
Knowing what is going on
And being aware
A conveyor belt of living souls
Being slaughtered who
Wants to live a life of Riley
A bit like all of you

Subjection and enslavement
Insensitiveness too
Obtuseness and stupidity
Hard boiled and callous too
Suffering and purgatory
For the condemned it’s dire
Throats slit fired up scalded
Ofcourse it will backfire

The smell of death
Will come and stay all around the place
The flexes and the poo and snot
It is disgrace
When we talk in millions
That’s when things get rough
And in a local area
It’s going to feel real tough

All those extra vehicles
It’s unsightly as we know
A blemish on the landscape
That’s only going to grow
The malevolence is awful
The malignancy of strife
As one after another
These poor souls lose their life

It will attract protectors
Animal rights will be
Coming banging drums and doing protests
You will see
Putting /enefin on the map
Not that tourists will.
want to come
See a slaughterhouse
To get the
At thrill

Of knowing beautiful animals
Are perishing inside
Who would come anywhere near this place
Where so many will have died
Or been murdered is what I should say
And it will be denied.

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