Infinity a course set

Perpetuity a guarantee
Ignorance albeit
A splendid evolution
Except they daren’t see it
Boundless and unfounded
Attested maybe so
Their superficiality
They just could never know

Phenomenal and tangible
And beautiful to see
A creature of the ocean
Its invisibility
A phantom in so many words
An embodiment of soul
With the truest kind of camouflage
And the mightiest of role

Captured and hauled up into
Disparity and pain
An untimeliness of spirit
The wok of such disdain
Smothered in soy and garlic
Losing its identity
A crimson corpse that struggled
And begged and begged to just
Be free

Humanity was abusing
No compensationary elements
Just the irregularity
Of embroilment in its juices
In a shindig so to say
Tempestuous and turbulent
The untidiest display
Of limbs and shell
And internal parts
Ruptured and on fire
A sequel of disaster
That felt and did look dire

Saliva flowing
Tainted fingers
Demolishment all share
A vile and venal vandalism
In the salty air
A train wreck in the making
Exhausted parts bereft
The lobster saw it coming
And now there is nothing left

Some farts perhaps
A belch or two
Indigestion would be true
Acidity and a raging thirst
As if those diners
Now felt cursed
Ice cold pepsi
Bring it on
Dizziness and glad its gone
Disabling and crippling
Out to sea the rippling

Of waves a storm apparently
In the lobsters memory

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