If Nestle source from them they must be something else!

Undisciplined and unruly
The tempestuous affair
Violent and anarchial
A melee where dispair
Comes from all directions
The dairy farmers who
Work their charges
Like machines
With a Heartless
Nasty crew

Muddled and chaotic
Calamitous and wrong
In this rotten day and age
Such places dont belong
Where profit is the focal point
And margins are the thing
Corporations rule the roost
And to the market bring

An assemblage of unceasing
And a generality
Ethics they were filed away
Its multiplicity
Its balance sheets
And green wash
Its what the masses need
Its shit wrapped up in damask
Where Behind facades all bleed

A farm the glorious sunshine
Aspected everywhere
Greener grass has come to pass
And animals that share
Paradise together
And advertising dream
That appears on every carton
In an ever lasting stream

And then there is reality
Behind those wooden gates
Those rustic bricks
A prison where some of our mates
The female cows the female pigs
Languish everyday
Incarnated into HELL On earth
So look the other way

Where agony is endless
Where torture is the thing
Constant and continual
This is how they bring
Their prices into market
But the everlasting way
Of denying all compassion
In our never ending day

Inopportuneness its what they are
There is no petting here
Its untimely and its untoward
A place where so much fear
Is generated daily
It is infact routine
Protracted and uninterrupted
And bloody well obscene

Defencelessness you feel it
Misogyny is rife
A female in the dairy world
Is so much massive strife
There is a vile narcosis
From the staff who run the show
The stress is unbelievable
Thus I want you to know

Just what each female cow goes through
Drugged up and disabled she
Will be forced to give her life away
A life of misery
Existence of a lower form
A clapped out dead beat clown
Thwarted stamped on shell shocked
And always written down

The cruelty is in their face
Its what happens to each one
Production is a keyword
The milk output must be
Massive its what guarantees

They need their fancy ice creams
Every single drop
And violence comes at every turn
Rough handling they strop
And moan and scream expletives
And kick and cause uproar
Just to get the females walking
And, giving them more

Crammed together suffering
No grass fields anymore
Its just miles of concrete
And walls and zones galore
Amorphous and chaotic
Designed to thus create
A moral insensibility
Inside the wooden gate

Burning searing stabbing.
Throbbing tender raw
Bruises every which way
Heartaches more and more
Martyrs in their spotlight
Stone cold charity
Filthy dirty water
With a stench of fetidity

They spray their scalding water
Right into our face
The reason that they do that
Is to increase the pace
We walk at on our crippled legs
We are scalded everyday
Its a really unkind thing to do
But it happens anyway

They kick us with such venom
In our udders too
To try to explain the agony
You wont believe its true
But sleeping becomes impossible
The rigour and the strain
And then getting milked on top of this
And again and again and again

Suffering the constancy
When shadows come and go
In our sunless prison cells
The, unlighted glow
Of horror in our being
Of terror in our soul
Of fear that drives us crazy
And then bleeding takes its toll

Being raped like crazy
And being made to lay
On the coldest concrete
It isnt any way
For any would be mother
To suffer as we do
And then to have our babies
Kidnapped as ofcourse they do

We cannot understand it
How human beings feel
The need to drink our babies milk
How can that be real
We are four legged ungulates
So alien to you
But you nurture your offspring
With our offsprings milk
Its true

Creation never wanted this
Wheres your mentality
What happened to your reasoning power
And your philosophy
We are a bovine species
Far removed from you
Yet you believe the dairies
And let them accrue
vast profits from our torture
Our suffering,our pain
The way they burn our horns off
And they affect our brain
Melt our skulls and cause us
Unquantifiable agony
I remember it took months and months
To forget and then to free

Myself from holding my head
The rway I had to because of the pain
How i stood and stayed awake all night
How I almost went insane
Raped and milked and raped and milked
And beaten every day
And when i couldnt walk a step
I was pushed out of the way

By the tractor my skin scratching
Wounded bleeding I
Was made lame by your exertions
You couldnt hear me cry
Oh no you carried on kicking me
Despite my bleeding back
I became a victim
of your constant attack

And what would be my destiny
Low grade beef maybe
Downers tortured all their lives
Each hour straight misery
And when we cannot walk no more
We are shoved into a truck
And taken to the slaughterhouse
Where no one gives a fuck

Thats the dairy industry
Thoughtless to a tee
I cant abide the bastards
Who made out they cared for me
Their brainlessness and mindlessness
Was wanting more and more
Every single hour i was alive
It was a war

We were all experiments
So many pills each day
Hormones and antibiotics
They really made us pay
They pervert and they mispresent
Dietary power
Its all contradictory
Sophistry gone sour

And this what they are using
In your fine ice creams
All the brands now in your hands
And all of those so called dreams
Karmic melancholia
So fallible so gullible
So discriminatory

Cok.net/ditch dairy

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