I know I am next

I watched them all die
In a thrashing confusion
My mother my father
My two sisters who
Looked back at me
Lying still on the rack
They all bled they all screamed
When their sweet souls were free

Heartless our farmer
Pitiless larcenist
Sadistic and brutal
He through and through
Loaded us onto the truck
Just this morning
Swearing as usual
He really held true

We knew we were finished
Tagged and inked yellow
That was our marker
It mean’t we would die
On the truck to the slaughterhouse
We felt the fear
And now I am the last one
So it would appear

The gathering clouds
Are surely above me
The challenge is really
Can I keep my cool
Grieving for mother
She always was good to me
To see her slaughtered
By that rotten fool

They all watched each other
Swing from the gantry
Bleed it was awful
And now all alone
It seemsI’m forgotten
Stuck on this slab here
Waiting for my chance
Quietly I groan

If only more of you
Could only be vegans
Or more go veggie
Yes overnight
It would help us animals
Who want to live life
But succumb to losing
Our lives and our light.

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