Horus,Kumar,Dadou and girl

The ungratefulness of a being
Unbeholden in a way
To the preciousness of wildness
Where the guilty hold full sway
The unfeeling the impassive
Each rancorous display
Of stealth infact the evil eye
That forces some to say

All the worst intentions
To wreak ones spite and be
Dealing in young animals
The wild ones who sadly
Are stolen from their mothers
And gracelessly perform
An in elegance of spirit
A blemish in the storm
Of uncertainty and reason
The pet trade was the thing
The painfulness of the lack of care
And all that that does bring

For lion cubs found in Paris
Sentient spirited souls
Stolen from their mother
And allocated roles
As let’s for wayward families
Awestruck by their size
Subjected to enslavement
Just look into their eyes

Wide open seeing little
Feeling so much more
Missing their dear mother
Kept inside a door
On a bed believe me
More a trophy or a toy
Than a living breathing
Jungle king expressly born
With joy

Fed on scraps and sweeties
Nutritionally unsound
Unstudied and neglected
They were clearly bound
For hospitalisation
For sickness and maybe
For death to come a knocking
From their inability

To serve the greater good
And solve the mysteries of life
Talentless and unendowed
All they get is strife
Rapid deterioration
Without remedy or care
Misteaching and direction
And being unaware

Ignorance is out there
Uninstructed uninformed
Total incapacity
To understand their whereabouts
Without true harmony
The sights and sounds
Of city life
The stench of our humanity

All four little animals
Frightened in their soul
Their relationship with their mother
A non existent goal
Being inside a small flat
Clearly very far removed
From the wild desirability

A terrible start
for their young lives
Their animality
Stricken from their purpose
From them nutritionally
Thankfully discovered
And saved remarkably

Born free became a surrogate
A pathway to the whole
Matriarchal miracle
The reproduction role
Willing to regard them
And suggest ancestrally
A refuge back in Africa
At Shamwari sanctuary

The need is now to help them
To donate for all our worth
Get them back to living
Get their feet back on the earth
Back to calmness and composure
To a characterful refrain
Let them feel the state of wonder
On this earth again.


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