Hen harriers and their plight on this earth

Self-seeking eco-centrics
Covetous as well
Whose principle of evil
In my belief is hell
They are manipulators
Where destruction is their thing
They also have a one track mind
Mercenaries that bring

A suspiciousness into their ploy
And a criminality
For me its double dealing
And it just should never be
Hen Harriers are lovely birds
Yes they are birds of prey
Intensely persecuted
But they have their right to stay

Grouse shooting
And the glorious 12 th
And really all that crap
Snooty snobby bribable
Fall into the trap
Of creating enemies
Of Natures finest who
Have every right to fly the skies
As the red grouse can do

But ofcourse the sport of kings
Has got its eyes on shooting game
The rich and so called famous
That is what they claim
Gamekeepers call them what you will
And others come along
And put an end to compettion
Which ofcourse is wrong

Buzzards kites and goshawks
Eagles ospreys they
Are likely to be shot at dawn
On any given day
MAgpies crows and ravens
They too will be shot
As for the beautiful harrier
Their future is not

Good at all apparently
Dancers of the skies
Circling and able
To bag themselves a prize
But not around the grass moors
Where theres money to be had
Where the rich can bag their booty
The whole damn business sad

Foxes polecats Anything in sight
The happens to be wild life
They soon switch off their light
Protection thats what they call it
The life line of the moor
The heathers in all weathers
Turned into blood and gore

A truly iconic species
Destroyed by spivvs they be
Around 600 pairs exist
Protected they be
But its all done in the non nod
Wink wink time and no one sees
Beautiful birds wild as wild
Shot out of the trees

Beautiful red foxes trapped
And cast away
This is the glorious 12 th
On any given day
Execution big time
This is what we see
Blood sports are the great warts
On a perfect wild body

It all goes on regardless
The police are seemingly
Unaware of the slaughter
And the improbity
Even collared eagles
Palm greasing and the rest
Countrymen so they are called
Are Sinister at best

Latin Cyaneus dark blue
Greek kirkos circling

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