Gilet jaunes

Twenty third week of the gilet jaunes
Fires lit everywhere
Smoke bombs
The gendamerie
So much smoke filled air
The traffic lights forgotten
Crowds just everywhere
Macron is a monster
Who from the start was not aware

Protestors being manhandled
Bloodied hands and heads
So many people seemed prepared to leave their morning beds
And create what is a bAttlefield
Of sirens smoke and fire
Of PARIS in the Springtime
That feels and looks just dire

Medics cleaning contusions
And RUPTLy all the way
The lame stream media blanking them
Just not around today
Drama you can cut it with a knife
Its everywhere
Stand offs black smoke red hose pipes
And fire people who dare

The struggle that is Paris
Vehicles on fire
All of this is choking
A monumental pyre
We need, breathing apparatus
Its a big war zone we see
Thousands of the yellow vests
And the EU frantically

Playing down the ferment
As the movement spreads beyond
France to other cities
And elongated bond
Of friendship Into Italy
And to the UK
Citizens of the great EU
Are revolting so they say

The sun is out the sky is blue
Fresh green trees all that is true
The disbelief that Paris was
Romantic once well now because
It has becone a hell hole where
The government seemingly doesnt care
The cops are beating anyone
Bleeding heads under the sun
If this is the great EU
I think its best to Leave dont you

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