From Gaza to Jordan

The animals in RAFAH Zoo
Have clearly gone through hell
Earlier this year a female lion
I have heard tell
Had her claws all removed
Using a pair of garden shears
Besides the cages are too small
Raising the animals fears

Then 4 young Lion Cubs
They didnt get the care
its alright Israel
Letting them go through its land
But then where
Were they in the midst
Of all the chaos from before
All the warring factions
That is at the core

So now they have been moved along
Some 47 souls
On the border with Egypt
And All their controls
They got special permission
To go via Israel
Got them all sedated
Which was beyond the pale

Moved into at nice reserve
In Jordan far away
190 miles the journey
Its good that PAWS could pay
Ensured that their compassion
Helped to get them out
And hopefully in jordan
They know what care is about

Now the zoo in Gaza
Will be showing displays they
Will only be stuffed animals
They dont eat much they say
You only have to dust them
Once a year or so
And they all stay the same size
And ofcourse they will not grow

So no problem with the size of cages
Any more

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