France and what the lame stream media miss

Lyons up against it
The great gendamerie
Pushing shoving kicking
This is spivvery
Robotic helmeted coppers
Aggressive through and through
Shields and batons
Jack boots and tear gas weapons too

Fear is clearly driven
Insouciance and lack of care
This is what they do
Just Picking on protestors
Seen as their enemy
This the 23rd weekend of troubles
The resultant energy

In Paris running skirmishes
Its like a civil war
The yellow vests are angry
Such tension just feels raw
A blue sky and bright sunshine
Bricks and bottles thrown
Cars are being set alight
You can feel the tone

Notre Dame burned recently
They were hoping that that
might just quell the anger
But that wasnt where they were at
The terrible cost of living
Inside the great EU
Poverty is commonplace
And They dont know what to do

The black box movement radicals
Are adding to the scene
The gendamerie are ramping up
The aggression and have been
Out there like an army
A writhing black machine
Insensitive to all and sundry
And very very mean.

Macron clearly beside himself
The government dont know
They had hoped the hymns at Notre Dame
just lighten the scene and show
Would mitigate the anger
But it has intensified
The anger from the poorest
Who feel they have been lied

To exacerbation
Its rising everywhere
As Paris streets are burning
Smoke now fills the air
Its countenance of haggardness
Its frightful one must say
This is romantic Paris
On an April day

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