Feral cats and Australia

TARGET the KILLING of 2 million feral cats by 2020
Using 1080 Sodium Fluoroacetate poisoned kangaroo meat chipolata
Delivered by plane.

It began in 2015 and continues the idea to prevent predation
Of native birds and reptiles.

Science can be arrogantly brazen
In the way
Of Defying natural balances
And endeavouring to allay
Problems that are associated
With ingress of a kind
Where Non-native animals are competing
With the Indigenous who find
Their harmony is at variance
And if this happens we see
Man approach the problem
With toxicity

In Australia the feral cats
Are taking out the birds
The reptiles and the smaller rodents
In so many words
The biosphere is suffering
Predation so they say
And the need to bring back into balance
Is why they have this way

Of toxic baits and dropping
Them by air around the place
1080 is a nasty poison
But something that they face
Down because its cheaper
Than trapping and they believe
It targets the non natives
And so it does achieve

What it is they target
Its known as “eradicat”
Made just outside PERTH
In WA it killed the rat
Before and in New Zealand
Has been used a great deal
If ingested it is awful
Calamitous and real

The dead flesh is wild Kangaroo
So they kill the iconic one
And using its flesh with chicken fat
And 1080 where they have spun
The story of invasive species
Safeguarding us all
But are killing kangaroo’s
To make the baits
Which does appal

To me its about killing
Its hostile and its wrong
They come up with a story
But it does not belong
Really in the argument
For the cats are being shot
Already 85 per cent of them
By farmers who have not

Ceased they earn 10 dollars
Per scalp and shooters do
Carry out their butchering
They also see it through
So adding to the carnage
And risk all besides
Is cheapening the process
Turning back the tides

108o baits were created
By a scientist they call
DR DEATH Forgoing breath
The agony is all
Hideous to suffer
They convulse slow down
And they
Become paralysed
and short of breath
Before dying and some say

The stress the fright the panic
What an awful way
Of leaving for the rainbow bridge
On any given day
Dogs and cats and foxes
And pigs and rabbits they
Will suffer catastrophically
As they pass away

Such a visitation
Orchestrated here
Its callous and its pitiless
And induces in them
Aimed at cats its pelleted
Inside the chipolata
Cats ofcourse they swallow whole
For them its not a starter

Its cheaper to drop baits by air
Than lay traps which must be
Checked and so man power it costs
Baits are bound to cause concern
And its hard to really know
The damage for the long term
But it is considered low

Dogs they will fall victim
Pet cats will as well
Watching a pet cat die
Like this
Surely it is hell
Imagining the victims
In the wilderness alone
Going through such agony
Entangled in the zone

1080 is a nasty poison
It can kill humans too
Children must be careful
The indigenous children who
Finding Any of them
Hopefully will be
aware they must not eat it
Knowledge thus is key

Its the parsimonious attitude
That Australia displays
Taking out its iconic Roo’s
In all sorts of ways
Many of them females
With joeys Dying too
Made into poisonous baits
To protect the native

I an sure are very thankful
That native species are
Sacrificed to make a sausage
Its money thats the star
It comes back to the meat trade
To the cattle and the sheep
The farmers and the shooters
And the bankers that all reap

The profits from the animals
That have to live and die
Getting short shrift from the city dwellers
And just believe the lie
The lobbyists in parliament
Its such a frightening time
Emotions are being cancelled
There really is no rhyme

Or reason any longer
Its habitat aware
Building houses in the bush
These days they dont care
Wild souls are a nuisance
Take the trees out too
Everyone wants wifi
And 5 g yes they do

For themselves its
Wasteful lavish they
Consumerism everywhere
They overspend we pay
But in the world where animal tribes
Have lived as have the Roo’s
80,000 years or more
But now the latest news

Built around our disrespect
And miserly display
We aerial bomb the sausages
On any given day
Made up of poor dead kangaroo’s
Who didnt do us harm
Who have leaped the bush for centuries
But now ofcourse the farm

The great estates
The cattle the buffalo the sheep
The money helicopter roundups
Yes it makes me weep
Live exports to the MIddle EAST
Halal all the way
Terror on the high seas
Just so it does pay

Obtuseness and insensitivity
The order of each day
Most are unresponsive
To the beach and barby they
Are into their big mortgage
As for the kangaroo
The long eared mouse or the
They havent got a view

So they manufacture suffering
Put science in the lead
Stick BIG PHARMA somewhere
Then we can succeed
The despairing and the hopeless
The humiliated souls
Whose eyes too share the wilderness
And their gratifying roles

Out of sight and out of mind
The wild ones soldier on
Despite the heat despite the lack of water
When they are gone
No one seems to grieve for them
Every flipping where
Shooters yea they are out there
With their brand of despair

As to sterilization
Apparently that stinks
It costs too much
And there you have it
Really its the links
Anything where profit
Is affecting the meat trade
The lobbyists are earning
And on their backs its laid

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