Dodgy camps in South Africa

Unpreparedness and unconcern
A casualness and need to learn
Neglectful mothballed overlooked
When the books have all been cooked
Camps now holding animals who
Are treated slovenly and who do
Suffer terribly obviously
Poor nutrition and constancy

Tortured really everyday
Not enough water or food
In cleaning snd caring
And helping them be
Able to manage life admirably

The coats matted awfully
Mange everywhere
Parasite paradise
Neurological despair
Inadequate shelter
All that we see
Is things left undone

and the animals suffering
Lamenting all day
No veterinaries
Coming their way
Dirty and slovenly
Slipshod and slapdash
And just utter stress

Lions there unable to walk
Clearly they
Are sick every part of them
Rotting away
Its an ugly and horrible sight
For sore eyes
To see animals like this
And such a surprise

That they are left like this
No duty of care
The big cats are suffering
They are aware
But carers unwilling
Objecting maybe
Reluctant and begrudging
As we can all see

They need a good hiding
Some prison time they
Are bigots their pigheaded
Ignorant way
Allow what we see to be happening
Animals suffering
Because lack of care

They are locked in their cages
What can they do
Unatended all day
Deserted all through
Pigeonholed cold shouldered
Thats what you do
To the wild hearts and minds
And thats not the few

Its discrimination
Its just everywhere
They get no relief
Nobody to share
Just a failure to act
To let things just slide
Idleness indolence
Then its denied

Look at the Lions
Parasites they
Are obviously itchy and scratching away
Their skin and their fur
Its hard not to cry
When the obvious hits you
Right in the eye

The other cats all of them
Suffering so
Some are obese
With no where to go
Life is a gridlock
A stupor a trance
Tired all the time
Nothing left to chance

No kindness anywhere
Nothing at all
Humanity leaves them
Cannot hear their call
No civic ideals
No community here
No conscience to speak of
Just more and more fear

And they all look so pained
A child would sgree
We give them such mischief
Who wouldnt be
Uoset at their state
And wanting to cry
And the lack of pity
Asking themselves why

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