Diversionary feeding stations

The importance of nature
Of predation and prey
Of human interference
At the end of each day
The red grouse
The hen harrier
And raptors around
Who are killed theres no doubt
Where ever they are found

Life is about life itself
And when we
Like to charge people
For a killing spree
Creation its miracles
Are everywhere
And we come along
And our wish is to share

The spoils as it were
Shoot red grouse for we
Have little between our ears
A beautiful wild soul
That enjoys heather moors
Should be beaten and frightened
To mutual applause

Hidden in hides rich men
With guns
Shot out of the sky
As the grouse make their runs
Beaters are frightening
Them down on the ground
And hen harriers eat them
Why does that astound

Bumans who allege they look after
The moors
By killing off grouse
Lets give them applause
Shooting snd killing
Thats conservation
Write it in the sky
Across our fine nation

So they write a bill
Give the hunters their way
Set up these stations
For feeding and pray
From the 1st of April
Till August the end
We can feed harrier babies
The message they send

Arrogance surely
An uncaring stance
Predators prey
They buy in advance
But we lay on deliveries
Of other food
To safeguard the victims
Is that not crude?

Man isnt kind
At the end of the day
He makes his rules
For himself for his play
On the natural order
The shooting the birds
Its all done with mirrors
And fanciful words

They are killing the wild birds
Those that sing songs
Those that fly here and there
Birds feathered angels
Were here long before
The shooters the trappers
So We shouldnt ignore

They are up against it
Now theres five g
Weapons technology
Few of us see
But the sentives feel it
The birds on the wing
They get the micro waves
And they will bring

Then down to the earth
We are netting them too
Reduction/ construction
Its what we do
Its about conservation
Its about things we do
With our words we kill birds
And alas that is true

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